Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. WonderTech Summit® Policy for email usage (general)

WonderTech Summit® is the first event of its kind in Denmark. It brings together leaders, engineers, entrepreneurs, students and other enthusiasts from different backgrounds to celebrate the achievements of women in the industry and inspire diversity in tech.

WonderTech Summit® is a non-profit organisation, which has been founded by the same founder behind the non-profit organisation Wonder Coders, and therefore WonderTech is a daughter organisation to Wonder Coders. Wonder Coders respect their community members’ privacy, thus Wonder Coders organisations will never sell or otherwise share WonderTech Summit® participant’s emails, pictures or names with third parties in the pursuit of profit, but only for reasons stated below. Wonder Coders will only use emails provided from the WonderTech Summit® for internal communication regarding the WonderTech Summit® and occasional newsletters regarding future WonderTech Summits and/or other Wonder Coder events, while remaining on a private email list.

Consent to this general email usage policy is granted by participating in or registering for the WonderTech Summit®.

  • For Participants: Your email address will only be used by Wonder Coders or WonderTech. We do not sell or rent our general list of email addresses to third parties. Other than what is explicitly stated below, Wonder Coders will not share email addresses conducted through the WonderTech Summit® with unrelated third-parties, affiliates, other WonderTech Summit® participants or members of WonderCoders. Please understand, that your email address will be shared internally for communication regarding the WonderTech Summit and/or other Wonder Coders events and for compliance to any legal matters.
  • ​The WonderTech Summit® may share your email address with third parties to enable the WonderTech Summit® to take security measures to help protect against unauthorised access or unauthorised alteration, disclosure, or destruction of data. Finally, the WonderTech Summit® may share email addresses with third parties as necessary for WonderCoders to perform certain services on behalf of WonderTech, such as packaging, mailing and delivering products and processing event registrations and to respond to your service requests.

2. Usage of general participant emails

Once collected, we may use your Personally Identifiable Information in a variety of ways including, but not limited to:

  • Provide service communications such as confirmations, program registrations, and community service messages
  • Respond to your emails or online requests for products, services, or information
  • Deliver and process research (by conducting surveys). See WonderTech Summit® Research Policy
  • Personalise and improve the usability of the Sites
  • Fulfil and/or deliver WonderTech Summit® community tools products and services
  • Tailor content, advertising and marketing to you
  • Share with third parties as required by law

3. Usage of award submitters’ and nominees’ emails and other data

  • Nominees data (name, profile picture on LinkedIn or other social media and email address) will only be used by WonderTech Summit® or Wonder Coders in order to evaluate, choose and announce winners of the WonderTech Awards.
  • The nominees will be contacted by WonderTech Summit® in order to get their consent for adding them to the general email list.
  • Upon agreement, the nominees’ data will be stored in a general email list until next year’s WonderTech Summit® and thereafter deleted from WonderTech’s and Wonder Coder’s database.

WonderTech Summit® Policy on attending as a participant

To participate in the WonderTech Summit®, you must be a legal adult according to Danish law. See our age policy.

Age Policy

No person may participate in a WonderTech Summit® unless they have reached 18 years of age (e.g. are legal adults). The only exception to this rule is if the minor is accompanied by a legal guardian while attending the event.

WonderTech Summit® Research Policy

Wonder Coders or WonderTech Summit® might conduct studies and research related to each WonderTech Summit®. The research strives to explore, understand and grow the participation of women in the tech industry. We endeavour to protect the rights, welfare, and well-being of subjects involved in research conducted or supported by the WonderTech Summit® and the various researchers by adhering to strict legal and ethical protocols. The Research is primarily conducted via surveys. WonderTech Summit® participants may at any point choose to opt-out of interviews and surveys by advising the event organizers.


Wonder Coders and WonderTech Summit® reserves the right to change, modify or make exceptions to all policies at will at any time.

By participating in the WonderTech Summit® or making one or more nomination(s) at the WonderTech Summit’s website, you automatically accept and abide to the policies stated above.

Please note that WonderTech Summit® may store your data until next year’s summit or longer. Participants have the right to withdraw consent at any time and request all personal data to be deleted before the next year’s summit.

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions.