WonderTech Awards

The WonderTech Awards are a once a year event to find, recognise and celebrate the Nordic region’s biggest tech success stories. The awards ceremony are a set of 17 awards that are given to honor professionals in the tech industry; recognising their talents and excellence in technological achievements as assessed by the judging committee. This year, it is held in Copenhagen at a specially chosen venue, to create a great tech atmosphere and to inspire the audience.

This event is attended by CEOs, entrepreneurs and business leaders in the tech industry and provides a fantastic networking opportunity for like-minded people to make contact and exchange ideas. Our aim is to inspire future leaders in the tech industry, impart knowledge and experience, and continue to promote diversity among industry influencers.

Awards ceremony venue

This year’s ceremony will take place on the 14th of May 2020, from 17:00h to 21:00h.

The venue for the event is KPMG, Dampfærgevej 28, 2100 København separate from the WonderTech Summit. After announcing the winners of the awards, we will celebrate the nominees and winners with an after-party.

The address for the venue is:
Dampfærgevej 28, 2100 København

OBS: Nominations for WonderTech Awards are not open yet!


Recognises an up-and-coming tech professional in the last five years that has demonstrated exceptional creativity or ability within the industry; who is recognised by others as having the potential to become a future leader in their industry and presents significant evidence of a promising future.

An inspirational man or woman who has acted as a role model in a technological field over the last 24 months, is currently driving change through that role, and is encouraging the next generation of female technology leaders.

Is awarded to an individual who has made a meaningful and lasting contribution to the technological area of software development and has achieved or was a part of outstanding projects, and who has developed creative solutions to problems that were solved with code.

This category focuses on a specific diversity initiative or project that has been established to promote diversity in IT in a specific company or for the wider community. Judges will assess the impact of this project and how successful it has been based on its tangible results in closing the gender gap and promoting diversity in tech.

Recognising an inspirational organisation or person for their accomplishments as leaders in business and visionaries of technology who have made a difference in their community and have gone out of their way to support the cause of attracting more women in the tech industry over the last 24 months.

Is awarded to an individual, who is an owner or main shareholder of a tech start-up with significant growth over the last 36 months and who is ready to demonstrate a successful commercial plan in achieving their goals.

A person in a digital position within Tech industry, who has demonstrated successful results in the area of digital innovation in the last 24 months.

Awarded to honor an individual or organisations that has raised the bar and serves as an example to the industry and has also demonstrated exceptional initiative to show that women are a significant part of a tech project’s success. This could involve education, training, and various other types of campaigns.

A person that has supported a major and prosperous IT, digital transformation, or business development change project operated by technology in the last 24 months.

When an official nomination is closed, we will then announce the opening of the People’s Choice Award. Stay tuned.

An individual in the IT security sector that has demonstrated exceptional performance in progressing the industry and/or protecting the business from cyber threats.

Awarded to honor a person who has provided significant support and guidance by empowering a less experienced person to develop his/her skills in an IT or Technological field. As a result, the mentee/pupil has achieved vital knowledge growth and results in their field.

Recognises an individual who joined a current company in the last 2 years as their  first job since graduating from a university. Candidates do not have to have joined an official graduate program to be eligible and there is no age limit in this category.

An individual or organisation who has invested in female-led tech startups.

A leader of a large technology company or organisation who has demonstrated exceptional business and leadership accomplishments in the last 18 months.

This category focuses on an individual or technology company who has created or implemented exceptional innovation/inventions, client successes, and deployment in the last 24 months.

A person within IT, technology, or the business industry under the age of 35 who has had a rapid career growth and demonstrated business excellence and innovation through their use and application of  technology.