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Workshops for kids to explore game design, coding, robots and learning games!

  • Ideal for 5-11 year old children
  • You can bring your children to the summit and we will take care of them.
  • We have the best educational enthusiasts on the team.
  • Please note that you have to buy a ticket for the child. We have a capacity for 20 children only.

Let your child experience the future of education! ​


Design a game workshop

The workshop will teach children about the process of creating a new game including concept development, design strategies,  game rules & characters. As part of the learning, children will design and showcase their own games at the end.

After the workshop our judges will pick a winner based on certain rules and criteria. The winner and all participants will get prizes!

Duration: 2 hours

By Maja Pedersen & Raminta Sakinyte

Maja is an educational enthusiast having been a teacher for more than 10 years. Passionate about education technologies and 21 century learning.

Raminta has a background in psychology and currently working with educational games and game developers. Raminta understands kids and the kind of games they like to play.

Coding workshop with Scratch

After the game is designed its time to implement it! Children will create a game without writing complicated code using the Scratch software.

Duration: 2 hours

By Kirsten Dam Pedersen

Kirsten is IT enthusiast helping DigiPippi. 

“Girls can be the same as boys – they just dare any more. And I want to help them headed in the right direction.”

Smartgurlz workshop

Learn how to program the robot! 

SmartGurl is a friendly coding robot and action doll that engages girls ages 6 and up in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

By Mia Meldgaard and Eva Fog

Duration: 2 hours

Mia is passionate about educational and innovative technologies. She has been organising children’s workshops for more than 6 years for different organisations including coding pirates.

“Today I am a specialist in child and IT, with a 360 degree look at them and their world. In DigiPippi goes my time exclusively with girls and women, while I own company retains overall perspective in all in a technological world”

SKIDOS station

SKIDOS is a publisher of fun educational games for kids. At the SKIDOS station, children can enjoy playing all the fun learning games for mathematics and coding skills and give feedback and ideas  to further improve the games. They will learn the different processes involved in making games including design, coding, sales and marketing.  

By Irina Kostina

Irina is CTO of Skidos Labs and is pasionate about technology and innovation.